Sunday, 30 April 2017

Serial Data Monitor

I've received a couple of questions in the Github regarding to debugging applications with this Library and the Serial Data Monitor.

I'm having the same problem. To my knowledge the response from the modbus slave device is processed by the function get_FC3 which moves them from the au8buffer to au16reg however I am struggling to get data from them. I used a 3rd party program to ensure I am getting the correct query from my arduino and Ive used the same program to send that query to the modbus device and received the expected response. So I know the data is there I am just having some issues displaying them.

The Arduino Serial Monitor shows ASCII data. As you know, the Modbus RTU protocol handles raw binary data. Therefore it only shows ⬜ and wrong symbols instead of the real values.

When I wrote this library, I used third-party simulators either for the Master or for the Slave. I recommend you these:

Modpoll and its slave Variant:

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