Sunday, 14 September 2014

New Release of the library

Finally I've published a new release of my Arduino Modbus library. It includes the next features:
  • Arduino library format, fully compatible with IDE 1.0.5;
  • Some code issues solved;
  • README file for instructions;
  • KEYWORDS file to colour syntax;
  • Fully documented with Doxygen;
  • Examples for Modbus master and slave.
The link to the library is here.

To install it, follow the steps shown here for Automatic installation.

Regarding to RS-485 implementations, remember to use an RS485 transceiver with this wiring:


  1. Hi Suby, I would like to test your code in one aplication but is not available any more, Could you share the library whit me? this is my email thanks in Advance, Best Regards

  2. The link is currently available. Anyway I've sent you this zip file.